Navigating the evolving landscape of corporate-TMC relationships, A new era begins…

Navigating the Evolving Landscape of Corporate-TMC Relationships, A New Era Begins The landscape of corporate relationships with Travel Management Companies (TMCs) continues to evolve, as evident by NDC, the recent acquisition announcement between American Express GBT and CWT, as well as new technology solutions. While some aspects have reverted to pre-pandemic norms, many others have embraced change, reflecting the dynamic nature of the industry in response to emerging trends and challenges. In this blog, we’ll look closer at eight trends

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Navigating TMC consolidation webinar replay

Navigating TMC Consolidation Webinar In case you missed our recent webinar: “Navigating TMC Consolidation-Essential Insights for Travel Buyers,” the replay is available. In this 60-minute webinar, Areka leaders shared insights on the following topics: The underlying factors driving TMC consolidation and acquisitions Key success factors crucial for navigating TMC consolidations and acquisitions effectively Common challenges associated with past TMC acquisitions and how to overcome them Actionable steps for buyers and corporates if their TMC is undergoing acquisition Vital considerations for

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Top 10 list of what to do as you assess risk and secure your travel program

Top 10 list of what to do as you assess risk and secure your travel program Mitigating Risk and Navigating Travel Marketplace Acquisitions; Top 10 list of what to do as you assess risk and secure your travel program. By Wendy Prewitt, Areka North America, Client Engagements When GBT announced their intent to acquire CWT, I immediately thought, “What would I do if I were a Global Travel Manager or Buyer using GBT or CWT and how would I mitigate

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Why run a TMC review before an RFP

Why run a TMC review before an RFP Situated at the heart of the business travel value chain, the Travel Management Company (TMC) plays a key role in helping businesses achieve their goals of service quality, cost control, traveler safety, and sustainability. Furthermore, the added value of TMCs is expanding as their mission becomes increasingly complex. They connect or integrate a growing variety of partners, new entrants, and technological solutions in a business travel landscape undergoing significant transformation. Therefore, it

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Areka’s Top 10 Bets for 2024

Areka’s Top 10 Bets for 2024 The beginning of another year brings anticipation and excitement; it also invites speculation about the direction our industry will take. At AREKA , we’ve distilled our collective wisdom and foresight into a list of the top 10 bets for business travel in 2024. In this year’s bets, we’ll navigate through our predictions of potential trends and transformations that lie ahead in the ever-evolving landscape of corporate mobility. AREKA is an independent firm providing customized,

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Insights from Grand Live du Voyage d’Affaires 2024

Insights from Grand Live du Voyage d’Affaires 2024 If you didn’t catch it, Aurelie Duprez, Founding Partner of AREKA, joined the Grand Live du Voyage d’Affaires 2024 earlier this month to explore the current trends influencing business travel. Get a quick recap of her insights in this video, now equipped with English subtitles. Read additional insights from Areka here.

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This is what unbiased support looks like

This is what unbiased support looks like Delivering true objectivity in client support! 🌐 Excited to share transparently that out of the last 15 bids we supported, our clients chose a diverse selection of Travel Management Companies (TMC). Actions speak louder than words and our commitment to unbiased advice stands strong! 💼 Read additional insights from Areka here.

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Valuable insights and initial field feedback

NDC: Valuable insights and initial field feedback Since its inception, NDC has presented challenges for buyers and Travel Managers, often associated with additional costs and content accessibility issues. With airlines undergoing shifts in distribution channels, buyers must grasp how to streamline their purchasing processes. At the recent GBTA | France Carrefour des Échanges Travel & MICE, Tiphaine Grenot, AREKA’s Manager of Consulting Services, along with several industry experts, delved into the world of NDC, sharing valuable insights and initial field

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Navigating a greener sourcing approach

Navigating a greener sourcing approach: How to integrate sustainable suppliers into your business travel strategy Mounting Pressure to ‘Go Green’ In March 2023, the IPCC[i] released its sixth assessment report on climate change. The urgency to act is more pressing than ever, as is the pressure on governments, investors and global companies. Notably, the European Climate Law[ii] has mandated carbon neutrality for EU members by 2050 since 2021, paving the way for the concrete CSRD[iii] to be enforced in January

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Jean-Michel Kadaner - Areka Trier Germany

You liked sourcing? You’re going to love implementation…

You liked sourcing? You’re going to love implementation… You have chosen your Travel Management Company (TMC) partner and now it’s time for implementation. As with anything related to travel management, it’s all about the details – and a lot has changed in the last five years. Implementation Isn’t as Easy as It Sounds Implementation has grown increasingly more challenging. Not only are you managing multiple stakeholders, old and new, internal and external, the technological aspects of any TMC contract have

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Charlie Bacharach, Senior Vice President of North America

Charlie Bacharach is Senior Vice President of North America, for Areka, based in New York. He has spent the last 20 years helping clients to advance their corporate travel programs by introducing new technologies, implementing innovative practices, and aligning mobility solutions to the needs of corporations and other organizations. His expertise extends to program design, booking tools and travel technology, supplier management and sourcing, as well as project management and change management.

Charlie has an established record of rapidly growing and scaling businesses in the travel sector, while delivering world-class services and project execution to his global clientele. Having held executive leadership positions with Orbitz for Business, Travel Leaders Corporate and Egencia, he has helped hundreds of companies transform their management of corporate travel spend, from first-time program implementations to global standardization of processes and procedures.

When he is not helping clients solve their travel management challenges, Charlie practices yoga and martial arts. He also enjoys golf, cooking and following New York-based sports teams. Though his wife and two children are pressing him to modernize his playlist, Charlie continues to be a die-hard fan of the Allman Brothers, Steely Dan, and the Rolling Stones.