Independent Consulting Services

End-to-end travel management solutions


Areka provides independent consulting services to optimize corporate travel programs from end to end.


Our longstanding expertise enables us to deliver best practices across the supply chain, from designing travel policies and processes to sourcing air transportation, hotels and travel management companies as well as managing sustainable travel.


Clients can benefit from a complete range of customized solutions, including:

  • Developing strategies to improve the whole travel program or selected categories
  • Auditing and harmonizing travel policies in different business units and regions
  • Sourcing preferred suppliers (airlines, hotels, TMCs, ground, …)
  • Setting up tailored, interactive reporting dashboards
  • Identifying the right structure and resources for managing your travel globally
  • Integrating sustainable travel objectives

Case studies

Travel Management Company and OBT RFP

Updated strategic direction leads to new TMC and OBT
A comprehensive travel management audit leads a Swiss client to redesign its travel program. Areka created a new travel policy and procure-to-pay process, and conducted TMC and OBT RFPs, leading to double-digit savings.

Travel Management Company and OBT RFP

New global servicing platform delivers savings and local buy-in from 90 countries
Revolutionary TMC and OBT RFP processes, specifically crafted by Areka, were created for a global client with a mature travel program. They were designed to drive increased satisfaction at both the global, centrally-managed level and in each of the local servicing countries, whilst delivering double-digit savings on servicing costs.

Travel Manager Outsourcing

Outsourced travel manager leads program upgrades
Automotive global leader uses Areka resource to act as travel manager, and additionally to direct TMC change and OBT implementation across Europe.

Travel Management Strategy and Sourcing

An innovative approach simplifies processes and drives cost take-out
For a client based in Asia, Areka sourced and implemented new TMC and Vendor contracts, covering 90% of spend and driving aggregate savings of more than 10%. Areka consultants benchmarked, re-wrote and implemented the Travel Policy, and freshly engineered the approval processes through automation.

Travel Policy

A completely redesigned travel policy is the result of a comprehensive audit
A European client requested an audit and benchmarking of its entire travel policy, which was outdated and varied by local region. Areka consultants modeled multiple travel policy scenarios, with projected savings, and rewrote the policy from beginning to end.

Travel Management Strategy

A study of the future business travel market is used to shape a 5 year program strategy
Areka conducted a deep category-wide study of the current and future states of the business travel industry for an American technology client. The results were used to shape a 5 year strategy designed to drive greater modularity, flexibility, traveller-centricity and cost savings.

Air Sourcing

Global program and process combines with local and regional negotiations to provide savings
A European client wished to include local and regional buyers in airline sourcing and negotiations for over 30 airlines. Areka consultants led strategy and conducted negotiations for this process, ultimately resulting in 5% savings of total air spend.

Air Sourcing

Contract extensions and concentrated negotiation with national carrier
Areka advised and executed a strategy of contract extensions over the entire air program for a European client. For the primary national carrier within the program, Areka consultants headed a negotiation that successfully provided the client with a new 2 year contract that significantly improved upon the current agreement, with 6% overall savings.

Air Sourcing

Outsourced airline sourcing provides overall savings
A European automotive client used Areka to totally outsource global airline sourcing, ultimately resulting in increased efficiency and savings of 4% of total air spend.

Air Sourcing

Global airline RFP leads to streamlined air program
Areka headed a strategic review and launched a global RFP including 30 airlines for a European chemical leader. Savings of 3% of total air spend were delivered through a better allocation of market share and efficient usage of Areka tools by the client.

Hotel Sourcing

Innovative global hotel program doubles savings
After a fresh look at an already mature hotel program for a global financial institution headquartered in Europe, Areka implemented an online sourcing platform and reverse-auctions to drive negotiations focused on top suppliers. These innovations delivered a simplified process and 5% savings for 3 years in a row.

Hotel Sourcing

Regional teams collaborated to consolidate sourcing and leverage global spend
A strategy review revealed that the client was sourcing with only 50% of its actual hotel spend. Areka consolidated the fragmented data sources, led collaborated sourcing efforts, and identified potential savings of 15% of the client’s overall spend through program consolidation.

Travel Reporting

Customized reporting creates synergy in travel program
Areka worked with a global energy leader to provide monthly travel dashboards to over 100 entities and an interactive dashboard for the global travel manager, creating a dialogue between top management and the local entities. Common KPIs between all entities provided increased cohesion across the program, and the user-friendly interface contributed to a high adoption rate.

Travel Reporting

Creation of an independent travel database
With Areka, US technological giant designs a global database, independent from suppliers, to gain an unbiased view of their travel spend.

State-of-the-art tools


We deliver best practices and constantly look for new ways to create value so our clients can stay ahead of the market.


We believe technology plays a key role in travel management and particularly in enabling smooth, cost-efficient relations with suppliers. This is why Areka has set up a dedicated IT team and invests significant resources in developing state-of-the-art tools, which we customize for each client.


Our tools provide three main advantages:

Control. Developing our own technology means we can innovate, anticipate market opportunities and quickly adapt to clients’ specific needs. You keep tighter control over how Areka solutions work for your company.


Clarity. Areka tools are user-friendly and decision-oriented, providing you with the necessary insights to take action. We clarify the big picture so you can explain the stakes and win support within your organization.


Details. Our tools provide precise, granular data, enabling you to take tactical decisions, accurately assess the financial impact of program improvements and monitor progress.

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