About us

Areka - Our vision

Our vision

Areka’s aim is to be the most trusted source for customers aiming to elevate their travel, expense and meeting strategies. We do that by fulfilling our mission: to drive results by delivering sound advisory services, rising to immediate challenges and guiding your long-term transformation.

Our story

Areka was launched in 2011 by four founding partners who had a vision to do something totally different in the travel industry. Together, they set out to provide innovative and independent travel advisory services through a team of global professionals, armed with deep industry knowledge and local expertise in their respective markets. It was an industry first.

Growing complexity in the travel and meeting supply chain, their focus and skills are more needed than ever. Today, the Areka family of consultants support leading organizations in Europe, and Americas and APAC to make the complex simple — finding new opportunities in corporate travel, expense and strategic meetings management.

Areka - Our story

Our Values

Though we come from different parts of the world, and each bring unique talents, we’re unified by our shared values:

  • We listen to understand.
  • We’re enthusiastic and authentic.
  • We keep our promises.
  • We communicate clearly and simply.
  • We seek diverse perspectives, abilities and backgrounds.
  • We champion sustainability in all we do.
  • We don’t give up, knowing there’s always a better way.
  • We collaborate for the best impact.


Areka - About us

Respecting our teams

Areka’s consultants around the world offer diverse thought and experience to unlock new possibilities for our clients. We recruit open-minded people of all ethnicities, abilities, stages of life, gender and sexual orientation.

We’re passionate supporters of work/life balance and the need to offer purpose-driven career paths to maintain a thriving workforce.

We support our team members with flexibility, equity, fair pay and meaningful career paths. Respecting our own resources is a way of life at Areka.

Areka - About us

Respecting our clients

We respect the needs of stakeholders across your organization, balancing varied goals around cost containment, efficiency, sustainability and an engaging customer experience.

We build workflows that are lean, smart and efficient to save time and money, while minimizing friction and enhancing the experience of travelers and all supporting teams.

Areka - About us

Respecting the planet

Travel and meeting-related activity has meetings have a significant impact on your company’s carbon footprint.

Areka can help you take concrete steps to make your travel and meetings more sustainable.

It starts with sourcing sustainable suppliers and ends with small decisions your travelers or meeting arranger make every day.

Areka can help you set the right goals as we measure your impact and offer alternatives for a healthier planet.